Secure Printing and Copying

Suddenly finding that you have a large amount of files or notes that need reproducing can offer a real headache. Printed regularly supplies the ‘Aspirin’ by taking your boxes of lever arch files, scanning and reprinting. We have reproduced documents of 100,000s of pages for Trust Documents, Financial Records, Court Bundles and the like.

We can provide searchable files if required on password protected hard drive or just the printed sheets.

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We offer several security features which are done automatically by our Indigo presses and others such as foiling and holograms via other in-house methods.

Barcode & QR Code Labelling: Barcode labels can help you monitor, track and count printed items. These can be different on every sheet if required at no extra cost.

Digital Watermarking creates a differential effect (usually as a pattern) to add a spot varnish look—an effect that always captures attention and is difficult to reproduce.

UV red ink
A new security application is to print ‘invisible ink’ that fluoresces under ultraviolet light. Used on a range of high-security items printed on normal paper, plastics or card this technique offers overt serialisation (numeric or barcodes), invisible text, codes or shapes.

Microtext font
HP microtext font is a unique font designed for HP Indigo presses that allows the printing of text and numbers which appear to the naked eye as a thin line or decoration. Microtext can blend into the graphics in strategic places such as hyphens or lines and is only legible with a magnifying glass.

Micro 2D barcodes
Print 2D barcodes which are up to four times smaller than standard barcodes. These variable barcodes are almost unnoticeable in the design and can encode data for verification and traceability. 

A simple block or shape printed using hot hologram foil is the ideal way to add security to event tickets and high value – raffles for example.