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Innovation is the way forward

In previous articles we have highlighted how Printed In Guernsey takes its eco-responsibilities extremely seriously: how we use inks that are vegetable or water-based, paper that comes from a renewed and well-managed supply and clean laser technology with no paper wastage and lower costs.

These positive benefits are only possible because of our business philosophy – continuous investment in innovation.

Let’s start with a definition easily found on Google – Innovation – the process of bringing about new ideas, methods, products, services, or solutions that have a significant positive impact and value.”

That sums it up! All successful businesses will have a development strategy, a plan for attracting more customers and improving their bottom line. At Printed In Guernsey our focus is on innovation. We believe that to be able to grow a business within Guernsey it is vital to be an early adopter of brilliant new ideas. We visit all the major trade shows around the world to ensure we are one step ahead of our competitors. We know that if a customer has a particular requirement we will find a way of meeting it through innovation – we anticipate our customer’s needs through research and invest in the technology and training in advance.

As an active member of the Guernsey business community, we believe it is important that companies advise their clients about the tremendous benefits in using a local supplier. Why send that print job to China if it can be done in St Sampsons at a competitive price, with low-carbon emissions and a friendly face you can meet and discuss the job with? Use a local business and the money will stay on-island enriching our economy. But only if there is a company that can supply the service that your business needs! That is where our investment in innovation comes in.

We are tremendously proud of the innovative work we undertook for the Island Games. Julia Bowditch, Games Director said To get the services of a local business such as Printed In Guernsey was very important to us. It meant we could get all of our volunteer clothing sourced, designed, printed and delivered on-island, reducing our environmental footprint while also supporting local business.” 

Check out our latest purchase – the ColorCut SC6500, a new type of automated cutter. There is currently no other model of machine available worldwide, that offers 100% reliable cutting and creasing at such an affordable price. If you want name badges produced in the shape of Guernsey, or wedding invitations that feature a cut-out of St Peters Church then this machine can produce as many as you want of the highest standard.

Through investment in state-of-the-art machinery we print, collate, and post up to 25,000 invoices each day for a variety of clients. This saves them huge amounts in staff, training and technology and allows them to focus on core business.

Our website is a hugely innovative way for people to order personalised printed products online. Just upload a pdf of your artwork and make a few clicks and the job has already started. Take a look as it’s so easy.

Thousands of States of Guernsey’s Covid Vaccination Certificates were produced in our factory with the required full security measures in place plus microtext, watermarking and special holograms. Because of the systems we have introduced we are relied on at the highest levels for delivering complex tasks accurately, discreetly as well as on time and in budget.

Personalisation of products and bespoke printed communications are now an important way for businesses to market to their customers. Specifications that would have been impossible just a few years ago are now easily achievable through our research, investment and staff training.

We want you to come and talk to us saying “I’ve got this idea. Can you help?” We would relish that conversation because we love a challenge and you would be surprised at what can be achieved in our factory in St Sampsons.