Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines
Preparing Artwork Files

We much prefer that you send native file formats from Adobe Creative Suite or saved as .pdf as an Acrobat 4.0 (.pdf 1.3) compatible file together with with crop marks and High Quality setting which includes bleed of at least 2mm. There are many other programs that can be used to produce artwork but these often result in lower quality output. Please try to avoid MS Paint and PowerPoint. If you are preparing your file in Microsoft Word, please save the file as a .pdf before sending it to us. (Go to ‘Print’ and in the bottom left hand corner look for ‘Save As’ option and save as .pdf.)

Beware of colour shift.

Colours tend to look more purple when printing from Microsoft products.

.jpg, .jpeg, .png and other images downloaded from the internet (other than from photo libraries such as Shutterstock) should be avoided if you want good results. For most jobs we require at least 2mm bleed and we suggest keeping text at least 5mm away from the edges. Set up text as 100% Black. Large differences in printer and monitor calibration make it very difficult to accurately match colour from a monitor to print. What you see on screen may be different to the printed product. If your print job is colour sensitive, request a printed proof first.


Please supply your job 1up, not as multiples on a sheet. Our imposition software makes the most efficient use of the sheet size and ensures that the jobs are in the correct place for trimming and accurate finishing. When preparing a booklet, book or brochure, please leave your pages in order. Don’t try to impose them. Please always specify the final product size as well as the flat sheet size.

Getting Artwork Files to us for Printing

When sending files via email, please ensure that you send it at ‘original size’ as some email software reduces images to screen resolution which is too low to print from successfully. If your file is too big, please visit and send it to or use the upload here.

We can also provide bespoke secure SFTP transfer – please contact us to set this up.