Story in Colors

Getting the marketing mix right

Tears for Fears advised us to ‘Shout! Shout! Let it all out’, as they didn’t believe that hiding your light under a bushel was a great marketing strategy.

‘If you’ve got it flaunt it!’ The question is ‘how’?

In 2023, promoting your businesses via a great website, engaging social media with fantastic online content, is an important part of the marketing mix. But these methods are just one part of a successful plan. Ignore traditional techniques at your peril. Digital is great but it’s not the whole story.

At Printed In Guernsey we have been advising businesses on how best to attract their target market for a long time. You could say we know our onions! Now, you may have a good stock of business cards and some lovely brochures – all you may need for those personal interactions with customers. But what about the people you don’t get to talk to? Imagine you have a high street shop selling the best thingamabobs available at the lowest price; without a poster in the window, how will your passers-by know to pop in and buy? Some of the most cost-effective and successful profile raisers can be the unexpected – a well-designed livery on a company van driving on busy Guernsey roads then parked overnight where everyone can see it, a large banner hanging down the side of a prominent building, or a giant hoarding that hides the renovation work in a row of shops.

Look at the photo of the hoarding we produced for Mappin & Webb for their store in St Peter Port. The graphics were pin-sharp, the colours were rich and vibrant, and the overall effect was to inform passersby that something significant was happening behind the hoarding. It created a real sense of excitement and anticipation that would have been very hard to produce online. It is the perfect example of a successful traditional approach and how printing plays a vital part in the marketing mix.

Pop-up roller banners, that come rolled up in their own carry case, are another hugely effective traditional way to catching the eye at a trade show or event. The general size is 2m high and 850mm wide, but we also offer wider banners, and A4 or A3 little cute ones for your reception desk or show table. We can use your existing artwork or work with you to create something new and bespoke to really get your message across in the best possible way.

The most popular size for outdoor banners is 3m wide x 1m deep but we can go to any size. They don’t fade in sunlight; the strong banner material and brass eyelets mean that we can provide you with permanent signage to use again and again in various locations. Just roll it up when you’ve finished, then hang it up again the next time you need it.

Effective signage doesn’t always need to be large in scale. Sometimes small works very well too. Take stickers for example. These are a fantastic way of improving brand awareness (kids love them!). We start with a large roll of self-adhesive material which can be gloss or matt vinyl, paper or even textured cotton-like material. Then our clever machine cuts out whatever shape you require. Perfect for trades fairs, charity fundraisers or new product launches.

Mugs are another great way to get your brand seen and are excellent for promotional events. You could add a photo, logo or inspirational quote. We have a large selection that we overprint, and you would be surprised just how many we make on a daily basis. Our mugs are manufactured with a superior quality heavyweight, ceramic, dishwasher-safe premium coating. Why not finish off that professional look in your office with matching coffee mugs?

So, the next time you are looking to promote a new service or product or raise your business’s profile, consider the wide range of printing options open to you. With modern printing techniques it is now possible to put your logo on almost anything and the quality is superb. All of the processes described here are available at Printed in Guernsey. The machinery, the skilled staff and the answers to your questions are at the far end of a small industrial estate just off Rue a Chien at Garenne Park in St Sampson’s.

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